Fall 2020

PPPA 2000 Justice and the Legal System Kasie

PPPA 6000 Perspectives on Public Values Brainard

PPPA 6000 Perspectives on Public Values Rigby 

PPPA 6001 Introduction to Public Administration & Public Service Walls

PPPA 6001 Introduction to Public Administration & Public Service Brainard 

PPPA 6002 Research Methods & Applied Statistics Adams & Carrigan

PPPA 6002 Research Methods & Applied Statistics Adams & Kwan

PPPA 6003 Economics for Public Decision-Making Carrigan

PPPA 6003 Economics for Public Decision-Making Cellini

PPPA 6004 Managing Public Organizations Shack-Marquez

PPPA 6005 Public Budgeting, Revenue, and Expenditure Analysis Yang

PPPA 6006 Policy Analysis Kelsey

PPPA 6008 MPP and MPA Capstone Augustine 

PPPA 6011 Politics & Policy Analysis Rigby

PPPA 6013 Econometrics for Policy Research I Conger

PPPA 6014 Microeconomics for Public Policy II Nathan 

PPPA 6015 Benefit-Cost Analysis Nathan

 PPPA 6016 Public and Non-Profit Program Evaluation Watson

 PPPA 6020 Decision Modeling for Public Policy : Pettis

 PPPA 6031 Governing and Managing Nonprofit Organizations Worth

PPPA 6032 Managing Fundraising and Philanthropy Worth

 PPPA 6053 Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations Yang

PPPA 6057 International Development Policy and Administration Dudik-Gayoso

PPPA 6058 NGO Management and International Development Brinkerhoff

PPPA 6062 Community Development Policy Firschein

PPPA 6085 Evidence Building in Government Newcomer

PPPA 6085 Homelessness and Housing Silver

PPPA 8164 Seminar on Program Evaluation Newcomer

PPPA 8190 Philosophical Foundations of Policy and Administrative Research Pandey

PPPA 8191 Dissertation Workshop Tschirhart 

PPPA 8197 US Social Policy Strader