Career Advancement

How do you embody the Trachtenberg School motto of "doing good and doing it well?"

Denise works with studentsWhatever your title -- policy analyst, team lead, consultant, volunteer or something absolutely unique to you -- the Trachtenberg School's Career Development Services strives to provide MPA, MPP, MA-ENRP and PhD students and alumni personalized career advising, professional development and networking opportunities in the field of public policy and administration, and resources to help them identify and secure personally and professionally rewarding opportunities.




Career Services Upcoming Drop-In Hours

Drop In Hours
  • Denise (Room 601Q), P: 202-994-8475): 9/24: 10-11am, 10/2, 11-12pm
  • Mary Gohar (Temporary Office: 602, P(202) 994-1476): 9/25: 1-2pm; 9/30: 3-4pm
Short (15-20 min) appts for students/alumni with on a first-come basis. Advising can be in-person or phone.(If there is no answer when called, it means we are meeting with someone, so please leave a message for a call back).