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Career Advancement


The Trachtenberg School’s Career Development Services are the bridge that connects the knowledge and tools you acquire in the classroom with your public service aspirations. From the moment you enroll, our lifelong services will help you begin or advance your career.

From resume writing to prospective employer visits to career advising and more, the Office of Career Development Services will help you learn to translate your skills to the public, private and/or nonprofit sectors.



Drop-In Career Advising

 (15-20 mins, first-come basis). Available via phone (leave a voicemail if there is no answer and you'll be called back when it's your turn) or Webex (if you log in via Webex, please know that if someone else has arrived prior to you, you will be placed in the Waiting Room until it's your turn.)


Denise Fowler:  4/20, 4-5pm | 4/25, 3-4pm (P: 202-994-8475; Webex:

Chibesa Mwape: 4/19, 3-4pm | 4/22, 12-1pm | 4/26, 5-6pm | 4/29, 8-9am (P: 202-994-8253; Webex:



Career Services Director discusses career guide with female student.

"I don't have a magic bag of jobs, but I love working with our students and alumni to help them figure out which direction they'd like to go and which steps they'd like to take as they build and progress in their careers."

Denise Riebman Fowler, Director



95% of 2018 Graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation


41% in the Nonprofit Sector


26% in the Private Sector


34% in the Public Sector




Contact Information

Career Development Services for the Trachtenberg School are located on the 6th floor of the Media and Public Affairs Building (805 21st Street NW).

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Director Denise Fowler

Denise Riebman Fowler


Chibesa Mwape

Chibesa Mwape

Career Coach



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