Combined Degree Programs


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The Trachtenberg School offers opportunities to combine a Trachtenberg School program with another GW degree program. These combined programs, by allowing the counting of credits for several courses towards both programs, permit both degrees to be granted in a shorter time and at a lower cost than if both programs were pursued separately. The programs are:

Combined Masters and Graduate Certificate Programs

The Trachtenberg School and other George Washington University departments offer a variety of graduate certificate programs that you can earn concurrently with your MPA, MPP, or MA-ENRP degree.

Graduate certificate programs provide specialized study to help you expand your professional knowledge and skills. The certificate augments your Trachtenberg School master's degree with an additional credential that highlights your area of expertise.

Most graduate certificate programs available to Trachtenberg students require 12 hours of graduate course work in a focused area of study.  Students who are studying for an MPA, MPP or MA-ENRP can “double count” those credits by using them as elective courses in your degree program. You graduate with your MPA, MPP or MA-ENRP and also the graduate certificate in your specialized field.

Graduate certificate programs available to Trachtenberg School students include the following:

Application Process for a Trachtenberg School Masters and Graduate Certificate

If you wish to study for one of the Graduate Certificates in addition to your Trachtenberg School masters program, you must submit an application for Dual Enrollment. Please note you should submit the Dual Enrollment Application Form before completing any double-counted courses but after no more than 50% of certificate requirement completion.

If you are interested in studying for a certificate along with your Trachtenberg School master's degree, you are encouraged to meet as soon as possible both with your degree program advisor and with the advisor for the graduate certificate program of interest to you. The advisors can help you identify the courses needed to earn both credentials and to plan your schedule in order to complete both concurrently.

Combined BA/Masters Level Degrees

Combined Masters/Doctorate Degrees

Other Combined Degree Programs

If you are interested in combining two degrees not listed above, you may petition the college to double count some credits towards both degrees. Contact your program director for more information.