NAPA Fellows

The National Academy of Public Administration invites academics and practitioners to help government leaders solve their most critical management challenges. Since 1967, NAPA's congressionally chartered non-partisan nonprofit Academy has provided expert advice to government leaders in building and managing more effective, efficient, accountable and transparent organizations. NAPA includes more than 850 Fellows who are former cabinet officers, Members of Congress, governors, mayors and state legislators, as well as prominent scholars, business executives and public administrators. 

Trachtenberg Faculty NAPA Fellows

  • Thad Allen
  • Burt Barnow
  • Derick Brinkerhoff
  • Jennifer Brinkerhoff
  • David Brunori
  • Joseph Cordes
  • Susan Dudley
  • Nicholas Hart
  • Kathryn Newcomer
  • Demetra Nightingale
  • Sanjay K. Pandey
  • Marvin Phaup
  • Nancy Potok
  • F. Stevens Redburn
  • Stephen J. Trachtenberg
  • Hal Wolman