Letter to Masters and Combined Degree Students

February 24, 2022

Dear masters and combined degree students,

I hope your spring semester is going well!  Here are a few notes that may help you with your Summer 2022 course decisions. Registration for summer courses begins on Tuesday, March 15th at 9:00am.  Main campusoff campusonline and consortium courses are all available.

Summer is a great time to take field and elective courses. You are welcome and encouraged to take courses throughout the university (including off campus and online) and the consortium. As long as courses are at the masters level (6000 or above at GW) and also relevant to public policy/administration, they will at least count as elective or field credits. If you have questions about specific courses, please contact your core advisor, the relevant field advisor, or meor program director (Peter Linquiti for ENRP students and Anil Nathan for MPA/MPP and combined degree students).

Please assess your timeline to your degree to see how many summer credits would be optimal for you. We generally recommend that you take one summer course, but your decision is dependent on your timeline to graduation. Please don’t hesitate to contact your core advisors or me with any questions.

There are a couple of core courses available. However, these courses are generally in high demand. Please have backup courses in mind in case you want but aren’t able to register for these courses.  

If any PPPA courses are full or require permission (i.e. PPPA 8023 for masters students and all courses for combined degree students) and you would like to be placed on a list, please fill out the PPPA course registration waitlist and permission form. The program director and instructor will receive this information. Please do not contact the instructors directly to get permission.

Some non-PPPA courses require instructor or department permission to register. Usually, the best way to get this permission is to email the course instructor an RTF-EZ form to sign, and then send it to the registrar (a notable exception is the Milken School, which has it’s own registration procedures). If you are having issues registering for non-PPPA courses and cannot find the proper point of contact in those departments, please contact [email protected] for additional help.       

If you do need to eventually withdraw from summer courses, please see the GW withdrawal and refund schedule for policies on withdrawals and associated refunds.

We wish you well in the completion of the spring semester. Please don’t hesitate to contact your core advisors, field advisors, or program director with any questions.


Anil Nathan 

MPA/MPP Program Director

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202-994-0982

Appointments: anil-nathan.youcanbook.me

Peter Linquiti

MA-ENRP Program Director

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 202-994-5837

Appointments: Linquiti.youcanbook.me