Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management provides an overview of central concepts in managing nonprofit organizations and is intended to meet the needs of students seeking a focused experience in order to prepare for or advance their careers in the nonprofit sector. It may be appropriate for students who seek to expand their knowledge but who do not wish to commit to a master’s degree program.

Certificate students enroll in regular courses of the Trachtenberg School and earn graduate credit. Regular graduate tuition and fees apply.

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management program is available at the George Washington University's main campus in downtown Washington, D.C. It is not available as a distance learning program.

Courses and Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management requires that students complete twelve (12) credit hours and maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average in order to be awarded the Graduate Certificate.

The field has two required courses and two elective courses.

Required Courses (2 courses, 6 credits):

PPPA 6031  Governing and Managing Nonprofit Organizations 

ONE of the following: 

PPPA 6032  Managing Fundraising and Philanthropy
PPPA 6033  Nonprofit Enterprise

Elective Courses, Trachtenberg School 
(Students must choose AT LEAST one of the following courses, 3 credits, and may select 2 of the following courses, 6 credits):  

PPPA 6016  Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation * (If not taken as a core for MPAs or tools of analysis for MPPs).
PPPA 6032  Managing Fund Raising and Philanthropy (If not taken as a required course)
PPPA 6033  Nonprofit Enterprise (If not taken as a required course)
PPPA 6034  Managing Nonprofit Boards 
PPPA 6053  Financial Management for Public and Nonprofit Organizations
PPPA 6055  Contracting Out and Public-Private Partnerships
PPPA 6058  International Development and NGO Management
PPPA 6062  Community Development Policy and Management
PPPA 6063  Corporate Social Responsibility and Impact Investing
PPPA 6085  Leading Diverse and Inclusive Organizations

Elective Courses, Other GW Schools
(Students may choose 1 course, 3 credits from the following list):

ACCY 6701  Government and Nonprofit Accounting and Auditing
SMPA 6270  Advocacy
PUBH 6054  Community Engagement and Advocacy
MGMT 4900  Social Entrepreneurship that Matters
PMGT 6414  Lobbying

In addition to those listed, with the permission of a field advisor, students may supplement or substitute elective courses with other relevant courses in related disciplines.  Field advisors can recommend courses in various school of the university that may address students’ particular interest and career goals.

Admissions to the Certificate Program

Applicants are required to meet the admission standards for admission to the Masters degrees in the Trachtenberg School. Submitting a GRE test score is optional.

Relations to the Masters Programs

If certificate students decide to apply to the MPA or MPP degree program, they must apply by the posted deadline and meet the admissions requirements of the program. Up to 9 credits of their certificate coursework taken prior to admission to a degree program will be accepted in the master’s program within two years of completing the course and if a grade of B or better has been earned in the course. Certificate students who think they may wish to apply their entire certificate courses toward a degree (that is, all 12 credits) thus need to apply and gain admission to the degree program before registering for their fourth course.

For further information concerning academic requirements and content of the Graduate Certificate Program, contact Dr. Michael Worth, program director and Professor of Nonprofit Management.

For further information concerning application or registration procedures and other administration or financial matters, contact our admissions team at [email protected].

Apply Now Button Applications for Summer or Fall entry are due on January 15 for those seeking fellowships, and February 1 otherwise. Applications for Spring entry are due on October 1. Applications for Certificate programs are due November 1 for spring entry and July 1 for fall entry.