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Gerald Brock

Professor Emeritus of Telecommunication and of Public Policy and Public Administration


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Gerald W. Brock, Professor of Telecommunication: BA (Applied Mathematics), PhD (Economics), Harvard University. Prior to joining the GW faculty in 1990, he served as Chief of the FCC Common Carrier Bureau from 1987-89. His research focuses on telecommunication policy, including the interaction of regulatory and other policy decisions with economic efficiency and technological progress. His current research examines the relationship between the regulated voice communication sector and the unregulated data communication sector, looking for insight regarding factors that facilitate technological progress and flexibility in economic institutions. In December 2017, he retired from teaching courses in telecommunication policy, the economics of the telecommunication industry, and economics for public policy. He is the author of four books, of which the most recent is The Second Information Revolution (Harvard University Press, 2003).

Telecommunication policy
Internet policy
Regulation and technological progress
Economics of the telecommunication industry
Interconnection of network services

PPPA 6014  Economics in Policy Analysis

PhD, Economics, Harvard University
BA, Applied Mathematics, Harvard University