Flemming Awards FAQs

When will the nomination form be due?
The 2018 nomination process has been extended due to the government shutdown. We will accept nominations through 5:00 pm on Thursday, February 28, 2019. All nomination forms are due by this time.  We accept both paper and electronic nominations, but strongly encourage email submissions. 

The nomination requirements say that the award is given to nominees who have between 3 and 15 years of service. Does that include combined civilian and military service?
The 15 years of service refers to combined civilian and military service. For example, if you wanted to nominate an individual who had 10 years of military service, and 6 years of civilian service, that would represent a combined 16 years of service, and the individual would not be qualified to receive the award.

Could I submit a nominee for only military service, even if they have a combined military and civilian service that exceeds the 15 year limit?
We always consider service in the combined military and civilian time. Therefore, an individual, while being nominated for his or her contributions in one capacity, will have both civilian and military service counted toward his or her cumulative years of service. An individual with 10 years of civilian and 6 years of military service could not be nominated for just one or the other.

Can I submit an individual who is retired, but who meets the time qualifications?
The purpose of the award is to honor those currently engaged in government service. Therefore, we do not accept nominations of individuals who are retired.

Do I need to submit a photo of the nominee with the nomination packet?
You do NOT need to submit a photograph of the nominee. If the nominee becomes a finalist, we will ask him or her to submit a photo at that time.

Are there formatting requirements for the nomination form?
Yes. The nomination form should by typed on 8.5" x 11" paper with standard margins (~1 in.). You should use 11- or 12-point font in Cambria or Times New Roman. There is no page limit, but we recommend that the nominations be as concise as possible.

Additional questions? Please contact the 2018 Flemming Awards Coordinator, Rachel Shank ([email protected]).