Environmental Policy

Field Advisors: Professor Peter Linquiti Professor Nina Kelsey

This field is designed to provide students with the tools needed to understand the causes of environmental and resource problems, the conflicts they generate, and the strengths and weaknesses of alternative policies for addressing them.
Students concentrating in Environmental Policy are required to complete 9 credits of field courses, of which one 3-credit course is required.  The other courses should be selected from the list below.  With the permission of the field advisor, students may apply other relevant courses at GW to their concentration in Environmental Policy.

Courses Satisfying the Environmental Policy Field of Concentration

PPPA 6066   Environmental Policy (Required)

ECON 6237  Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
EMSE 6200  Policy Factors in Environmental and Energy Management
EMSE 6220  Environmental Management
EMSE 6225   Air Quality Management
EMSE 6230   Hazardous Waste Management and Cleanup
EMSE 6235   Water Quality Management
EMSE 6240   Environmental Hazard Management
EMSE 6245   Analytical Tools for Environmental Management
EMSE 6260   Energy Management
ENRP 6101  Environmental Sciences I
ENRP 6102  Environmental Sciences II
ENRP 6140  Introduction to Environmental Law
GEOG 6220   Climatic Change
GEOG 6243   Urban Geography
GEOG 6244   Urban Sustainability
GEOG 6245   Water Resources Policy and Management
GEOG 6293   Arctic Systems
GEOG 6304   Geographical Information Systems
IAFF 6138  Climate Change & Sustainable Development
IAFF 6151  Environmental Policy (International)
IAFF 6158  Climate Change and Energy Policy
IAFF 6186  Environmental Security
IAFF 6358  Energy and Environmental Policy in Latin America
IAFF 6378  Oil: Industry, Economy & Society
PHIL 6281   Environmental Philosophy and Policy
PSUS 6138  Planning Resilient & Low-Carbon Cities
PUBH 6004  Environmental & Occupational Health in a Sustainable World (2 credits)
PUBH 6130  Sustainable Energy & Environmental Health (2 credits)
PUBH 6199  Global Climate Change & Air Pollution: Science, Impacts & Solutions (2 credits)
SMPP 6210  Strategic Environmental Management
SMPP 6211  Corporate Environmental Management in Developing Nations
SMPP 6241  Global Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Policy at GW

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