Minority Leadership Program

MLP LogoThe Minority Leadership Program (MLP) is a cohort made up of talented minority students enrolled at the Trachtenberg school. MLP provides these student leaders with unique opportunities and experiences to build leadership skills through activities and professional development with leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors. The MLP cohort seeks to advance the career opportunities of its members and inspire their ambitions with practical training sessions, networking opportunities and speaker sessions. From mentorship programs to social events, the network and lasting friendships found within the MLP stay with members long after graduation.  


The Trachtenberg School's Minority Leadership Program develops the skills of talented students of traditionally marginalized communities, to help them become exemplary leaders in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.


1. To connect the Trachtenberg School minority community and to enhance the professional development and leadership skills of its minority students.
2. To foster participants' leadership skills through their active participation in self-empowerment coaching by alumni and participation in professional development activities.
3. To promote the success and inclusivity of minority professionals in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.
4. To connect cohort members with mentors from successful GW minority and non-minority communities to advise them regarding issues, challenges and opportunities encountered in the workplace.
5. To create lasting relationships that will continue to empower minority students long beyond graduation.


2018-2019 Chairs
MLP Board Member Bios
Detrick Campbell: Co-ChairDetrick Campbell

Detrick is pursuing his Master’s in Public Policy at the Trachtenberg School after graduating from the George Washington University with a degree in Economics and Political Science. Detrick is a native Washingtonian, with a background in Federal and Local Government. Detrick is dedicated to policy and management that is coordinated with local, state, and federal involvement. He works as a staffer in the Executive Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser of the District of Columbia. He also serves as an elected commissioner to the Advisory Neighborhood Commission for the Foggy Bottom and West End Neighborhoods, which advises all levels and parts of governments on issues and projects in the neighborhood. Mayor Bowser also appointed him as a commissioner for the Juvenile Justice Advisory Group, which develops the District’s three plan, over District Agencies that deals with Juvenile Justice, and advise the Mayor on such policies. Before this, Detrick has spent time in the COPS Office in the Department of Justice and Capitol Hill.  

Chellese HallChellese Hall: Co-Chair

Chellese Hall is Masters of Public Administration student and excited to serve as one of the the 2019 co-chairs of the Minority Leadership Program. Hall is a 2014 graduate of Belhaven University in Jackson, Mississippi with a degree in Mass Communications.  Originally from Detroit, Michigan, she moved to the South at a young age with her family which shaped how she would engage and lead in her community centered on social change and equity for underrepresented groups. Before attending the Trachtenberg School, Chellese worked with Mississippi-based foundation that focused on college access and increased higher education for minority, first generation, and students of color. During her time, her contribution to the team led to the foundation’s receipt of multiple awards from the Mississippi Association for Partners in Education, National College Access Network, and The Kresge Foundation. Outside of her school work and graduate assistantship with the Trachtenberg School, she is a remote board member for the Women’s Foundation of Mississippi and a co-host for multiple shows, including Red Flag Podcast, at Podastery Studios.

Darryl Edwards
Darryl Edwards: Co-Chair

Darryl Edwards is a graduate student at George Washington University (GWU) in pursuit of a master’s degree in public policy. He has been selected as a Graduate Assistant and proud member of Minority Leadership Program. Darryl is a life-time resident of East Orange, New Jersey where he was born and raised. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Morehouse College. While at Morehouse, Darryl committed himself to working with the federally funded educational program known as Upward Bound where he served as an ambassador to/for low-income high school students from the surrounding community. Darryl is a recipient of the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award for his year of service to the students of Great Oaks Charter School in Bridgeport, Connecticut. Darryl was also selected as a Coro Fellow in Public Affairs at the Coro Institute for Civic Leadership where he served in part as a community liaison. Darryl’s interest includes starting a public private partnership in his home town while utilizing skills garnered from his academic and professional accomplishments. Darryl spends his time volunteering in his community with neighboring schools. 


For More Information

Questions about the MLP program should be addressed to [email protected].