A transcript is required from each college and university attended, regardless of whether or not a degree program was completed. Transcripts should be uploaded to the "Education" section of the online application.
Your application will be reviewed for admission on the basis of the unofficial copies.
Official copies of your transcripts will be required only if you are offered admission.
All transcripts MUST:
  • Be legible and complete. Please ensure that the transcript is readable.
  • Include the course names. The course codes alone are insufficient.
  • Include your name, institution and program of study. Transcripts are required from all post-secondary institutions attended, even if no degree was awarded.
  • Not be a Degree Audit.
  • Be from the institution. Self-written copies are not accepted.
  • Be in English. If your transcripts are in a language other than English, a certified English language translation must be provided. The English translation alone can be uploaded into the online application.
  • Not be encrypted or password protected.
Tips for Scanning and Uploading Transcripts
  • We prefer that you scan a copy of your official transcript and upload the scanned copy to your application. While you may upload a web-based copy of your transcript, please ensure that both your name and the name of the institution appear on the copy.
  • Transcripts should be scanned at the lowest resolution that produces a legible copy. We recommend using under 200 dpi.
  • Color copies are not necessary. Scanning in black and white or grayscale is strongly recommended.
  • In your upload, please include one copy of the transcript legend or grading scale for each university. This usually appears on the back of each transcript page.
  • Please do not upload certified, encrypted or password-protected files.
  • Your scanned copy must be printable on letter size (8-½” by 11”) or A4 paper.
  • Once you have uploaded your transcript, click the "View Document" button and ensure that your document is legible. Illegible documents are not acceptable and will delay the processing of your application.
Official vs. Unofficial Transcripts
Official Transcript: An official transcript is a transcript that is sent directly to GW from your institution in a sealed envelope or online through a secure system such as e-script. Alternatively, you may have an official transcript sent to yourself and then forwarded on to the Columbian College Office of Graduate Studies. This is acceptable only if the original envelope the transcript was sent in has not been opened. A transcript that has been opened cannot be considered an official copy. For foreign institutions that only issue one official transcript, we will accept “attested” or “certified” copies as office copies.
Unofficial Transcript: An unofficial transcript is a transcript that has been in the hands of the student, such as an online printout of your academic history or a printed transcript that has been opened. Typically, online copies are considered unofficial. We accept web copies of your transcript, but it must display your program, order your courses by semester (not by title or grade etc.) and show your grades and GPA.