Trachtenberg School Welcomes Career Public Servant as Distinguished Executive in Residence

By Michael Downey, MPP '17

December 09, 2015

The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy & Public Administration at the George Washington University is proud to announce the addition of Greg Friedman as the school’s newest Distinguished Executive in Residence.  He comes to the Trachtenberg School after serving for the past 17 years as Inspector General for the Department of Energy. 

Mr. Friedman joined the federal government nearly five decades ago and spent his career as the consummate public servant.  Over the years, Mr. Friedman built a career as a watchdog for the federal government. He investigated everything from stolen nuclear secrets to the DOE’s failed loan guarantee to the solar panel manufacturer Solyndra.

Mr. Friedman intends to serve as a resource for students interested in joining the federal workforce. 

“I was constantly and continually impressed with the professionalism and fundamental quality of the federal workforce,” he said. “While in some quarters it is ‘in’ to criticize federal employees, my conclusion is that the people with whom I worked for all these years could go toe to toe with the best and the brightest in the private sector. It is a huge mistake to marginalize those who make vital federal programs work, and who do so in the best interest of the U.S. citizenry.”

Mr. Friedman’s extensive experience will aid students as they develop solutions for improving government functions. In an era defined by the growth of outside contracting and intense political polarization, Mr. Friedman’s unique perspective into the challenges faced in ensuring projects were completed correctly and on time using a methodical and objective approach will prepare students to follow in his footsteps as public servants.