Trachtenberg School Faculty Join in Inauguration Collaboration with the Huffington Post

March 01, 2013

As a part of a collaboration between The Huffington Post and the George Washington University surrounding the 2013 Presidential Inauguration, several GW faculty members blogged in a series titled “The Road Forward: Obama’s Second Term Challenges.” The series closely examined the most pressing issues facing President Obama in his second term.

Among those who participated were Trachtenberg School faculty members Elizabeth Rigby, Robert Stoker, and Gregory Squires. In Dr. Rigby’s piece, “Why We Don’t Need a Second ‘War on Poverty’ (At Least Not Now),” she argues that waging an “us vs. them” war between poor and middle-class Americans at a time of national concern about uncertainty, scarcity and debt would be detrimental.  “Instead,” she writes, “these two groups must join together in shared outrage at the limited opportunities for social mobility in this country.”

In his post, “Saving Social Security by Cutting Middle-Class Taxes,” Dr. Stoker argues that rather than trying to address Social Security’s solvency issues by debating the FICA Tax cap, “a better alternative is to expand the tax base, not merely by increasing the FICA tax cap but by taxing other income sources. By doing so, President Obama could preserve and protect Social Security while reducing tax rates. This reform is pro-labor, pro-employment and pro-growth.”

Dr. Squires’ piece, “What Does Barack Obama Owe the Black Community?” addresses the need to focus attention on the black community during Obama’s second term – not because of the President’s own race or because he received 90% of the African American vote, but “because, despite all the misplaced rhetoric of our becoming a colorblind, post-racial society, nothing could be further from the truth. And the federal government, among others, has an obligation to address the continuing significance of race in America.”

Each of these articles, along with contributions from other GW faculty, can be found at: