Spring 2016 MPA and MPP Capstone Presentations

Attend the Spring 2016 MPP and MPA Capstone Presentations to support students' work completing pro bono research and evaluation projects for clients throughout the government, nonprofit and private sectors.

Capstone Presentations will take place May 2-5 from 6-8:30p.m. in the Media and Public Affairs Building (805 21st Street). Light snacks will be served.

​Monday May 2nd, 6:00-8:30, MPA #305 -- MPP Capstone Projects

U.S Coast Guard Search and Rescue Policy Environment
Client: U.S. Coast Guard
Team: Colleen Quinn, Andre Avanessians, Jessica Dipaolo, Zachary Boldon, Liz Freudenberger, & Kevin Reuss

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Show-Up, Stand-Out
Client: D.C. City Government
Team: Ashlynn Profit, Emilie Rafal, Emily Russel, Misha Hill, & Liz Glaser

State-specific Solar Energy Policy Landscapes
Client: Solar Energy Industries Association
Team: Joseph Nemeth, john Riehl. Amy Gutierrez, & Brian Widuch

Higher Education Accreditation Reform
Client: Young Invincibles
Team: Arthur Smith, Nick Wallace, Kelly Vance, Mary Reim, & Isaac Smith

Family Homelessness Policy and Change in D.C.
Client: Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development
Team: Marisa Kanof, Monika Jansen, Lindsey Poole, Monique Moore, & Curtis Smith

Simplifying Policies for Government Services in Paraguay
Client: Inter-American Development Bank
Team: James Lee, Vania Pizano-Gutierrez, Miguel Thorton-Granados, & Ziyue Zhu

Tuesday May 3rd, 6:00-8:30, MPA #310 -- MPA Capstone Projects

Coastal Hazard Mitigation
Client: Coastal States Organization (CSO)
Team: Austin Barlow, Shuyang Huang, Jason Nguyen, Chelsea Lenhart, Robbie Lippard, and Mark Osmack

Civic Engagement: Hispanic Community Conflict Dynamics in D.C. Public Schools
Client: Communities-in-Transition
Team: Aige Dong, Alexander Martinez, Eliano Younes

Feeding the Future for Opportunity Youth: Should DC Central Kitchen Enter the Youth Job Training Space?
Client: DC Central Kitchen
Team:  Lauren Doroghazi, Cambria Happ, Megan Kimmins, Karissa McCarthy, and Kristen Pritchard

An Exploratory Analysis of Veterans Employment and Training Service Resource Content and Distribution at American Job Centers
Client: Department of Labor Veterans Employment Training Service (VETS)
Team: Benjamin Bricker, Andrew Cuan, Katie A. Howard, Paige Pierce, and Katie Santoro

Demystifying Drones: Making the Case for UAS as a Public Good
Client: Commonwealth of Virginia: Unmanned Systems Commission (UMS)
Team: Amy Timmerman, Cristina Tuñón, Jennifer Bristol, Peter Hewitt

Wednesday May 4th, 6:00-8:30, MPA #310 -- MPP Capstone Projects

Implementing the District’s Rapid Rehousing Program
Client: DC Fiscal Policy Institute
Team:  Neko M. Castleberry, Kate Josephson, Laura Gibbons, Sarah Goldberg, Frances McGaffrey, & Sam Rosen-Amy

The Impact of 'Ban the Box' in the District of Columbia
Client: Office of the DC Auditor (ODCA)
Team: Colenn Berracasa, Alexis Estevez, Charlotte Nugent, Kelly Roesing, & Jerry Wei

Equity and Environmental Justice in City Sustainability & Climate Action Plans
Client: National League of Cities, Sustainable Cities Institute
Team: Julian Hoffman, Howard Marano, Elysa Montfort, Craig Smith, & Chengchao Tao

Agricultural Development and Poverty Reduction: A Cross-National Analysis
Client: World Bank Group, Enabling the Business of Agriculture
Team: Taylor Elwood, Katherine Wikrent, Dou Zhang, Chenqi Zhou

Legislative Roles in Regulatory Review: Lessons from States & Countries
Client: Congressional Budget Office (CBO)
Team: Miriam Godwin, Sofie E. Miller, Ana Maria Zárate Moreno, & Zhoudan Xie

Thursday May 5th, 6:00-8:30, MPA #B07 -- MPA Capstone Projects

Children First for Oregon: Budgeting For Full Investment In A Child
Client: Children First For Oregon
Team: Joshua Alvarez, Kelly Bartz, Molly Foley, Jessica Taylor, Emma Vitaliano

Formalizing an Effective Process for Updating Women’s Preventive Services in the Affordable Care Act
Client: National Women’s Law Center
Team: Katye Magee, Rachael Munkacsi, Erika Ramirez, Kristin Whitacre, Gretchen Wieland

The Guidance Development Process and the Role of Stakeholder Engagement
Client: Administrative Conference of the US
Team: Khadija Lalani, Ashley Corcoran, Anna Boardman, Lydia Holmes