Social Policy

Field Advisors: Professor Dylan Conger; Professor Eiko Strader

Social policy includes a range of policy issues that address the well-being of individuals and of society, with a particular focus on causes and consequences of poverty and income inequality. Due to the breadth of topics in this field, students should consult with the field advisors to identify an appropriate mix of courses, drawn from offerings in the Trachtenberg School and other units in the University. In addition to the classes listed below, social policy students may be interested in field course in education, health, and/or urban policy, as well as courses in the PhD fields of race/ethnicity and/or gender policy.

Primary Field Courses (recommend taking at least one):

PPPA 6081  Poverty and Social Welfare Policy
PPPA 6085  Social Policy
WSGG 6265  Women, Welfare and Poverty

Other Recommended Courses:

PPPA 6056  Regulatory Comment Clinic
PPPA 6062  Community Development Policy
PPPA 6065  Federalism and Public Policy
PPPA 6076  Federal Government Regulation of Society
PPPA 6085  Criminal Justice Policy
PPPA 6085  Homelessness
ECON 6295  Applied Behavioral Economics
HIST 6011  History and Public Policy
PHIL 6230  Ethical Issues in Policy Arguments
PHIL 6231  Economic Justice
PHIL 6242  Philosophy, Law and Social Policy
WSGG 6240  Women and Public Policy
 SOC 6248  Race and Urban Redevelopment
 SOC 6268   Race, Gender and Class