Regulatory Policy

Field Advisor: Professor Susan Dudley, Professor Chris Carrigan

Regulation is an increasingly important mechanism by which the federal government sets policy.  This field explores regulatory theory, policy and practice and incorporates insights from various disciplines, including economics, political science, history, law, business, environmental, health and education policy.  Courses in this field explore the process by which regulations are developed and provide the analytical tools necessary for understanding the likely effects of alternative regulatory actions. They also examine the roles and motivations of parties involved in developing and implementing regulation, including Congress, regulatory agencies, the executive office of the president, state and local governments, private parties and non-governmental organizations. This field is particularly suited for students interested in formulating or influencing regulatory policy as policy analysts in federal agencies or in private sector or nonprofit organizations. With the permission of the field advisor, students may supplement these courses with other relevant courses in relevant disciplines.

Required Courses:

PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis or equivalent*
PPPA 6056  Regulatory Comment Clinic

Recommended Courses:

PPPA 6018  Public Policy, Governance and Global Markets
PPPA 6054  Issues in Federal Budgeting
PPPA 6061  Banking and Financial Institutions Policy 
PPPA 6065  Federalism and Public Policy 
PPPA 6066  Environmental Policy 
PPPA 6072  Legislative Management/Congress
PPPA 6075  Law and the Public Administrator OR another course on Administrative Law
ECON 6237  Economics of the Environment and Natural Resources
ENRP 6140  Environmental Law
FINA 6250  Securities Regulation and Financial Scandals
PUBH 6004  Env/Occ Health for Sustainable World
PUBH 6330  Health Services and Law 
PUBH 6123  Toxicology: Applications for Public Health
PUBH 6124  Problem Solving in Environmental and Occupational Health

PUBH 6122  Protecting Public Health and the Environment: Policies, Politics and Programs
 PSC 8217  Executive Branch Politics (PhD-level seminar; interested students should meet with Prof. Steve Balla)

SMPP 6202  Business-Government Relations

* Students may count PPPA 6015 either as part of the core (program evaluation or budgeting requirement) or as part of the Regulatory Policy field.  Students who count PPPA 6015 as part of the core should select two courses from the recommended list while students who count it as part of the field should select one course from the recommended list.