Public Sector and Public Affairs Career Resources

Public Sector & Public Affairs Jobs Boards:

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  • Opportunities in Public Affairs – Job board and resources for careers in public affairs including Capitol Hill, government affairs, legislative, policy, PR, communications, fundraising, research, and journalism jobs.
  • The Brad Traverse Group - Comprehensive coast-to-coast compilation of opportunities for Government Relations and Public Relations professionals at varying levels of experience.
  • Policy - Job board specializing in public policy jobs: covering research, policy making, and academic jobs in many fields including: foreign policy, economics, social policy, family policy, legal affairs and fiscal policy.
  • Tom Manatos Jobs – Provides job and internship opportunities for young professionals interested in a career in government and politics.

Partisan Job Boards

  • – Job and volunteer board of a partisan site in the U.S. for Democrats and others who support Democratic Party ideals and principles.
  •– Job board for liberty-minded young leaders.
  •– Website for conservative jobseekers and employers that helps identify jobs in public policy, government, the news media, business and Capitol Hill.
  •– Progressive job board.
  • GOP House Job Bank
  •– Job board of a research and educational institution (think tank) focused on promoting conservative public policies.
  • JobsThatAreLeft Google Group –Progressive jobs.
  •– Website for students and professionals interested in advancing liberty including job/internship positing, career advice and events.
  •– Job board of a group dedicated solely to improving the practical effectiveness of independent, non-profit, market-oriented, state-focused think tanks.
  • NOI Google Group – Jobs mailing list for progressive campaigns and organizations in the areas of online organizing / communications and technology/data management.

Career Resources

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