Public-Private Policy and Management

Field Advisor: Professor Chris Carrigan; Professor Kathy Newcomer

Courses in this field explore the historical and current relationships between the public and private sectors, focusing on the interactions between the two sectors in such areas as regulation, contracting out, partnerships, and privatization. Courses also will examine the global dimensions of these relationships and will include case studies and discussion to highlight important legal, policy and management considerations, including decision-making and evaluation of public-private arrangements. The field is designed for those interested in the management and policy implications of these relationships. Given its breadth, the courses listed below are provided only as examples of the types of offerings that might fulfill the requirements of the field. Those interested in pursuing a concentration in public-private policy and management should consult with the field advisor to develop an appropriate course plan.

Potential Courses

DNSC 6234  Procurement and Contracting
 LAW 6500  Government Contracts
 MGT 6215  Conflict Management and Negotiations
PPPA 6018  Public Policy, Governance and the Global Market
PPPA 6055  Contracting Out and Public-Private Partnerships
PPPA 6076  Federal Government Regulation of Society
PPPA 6077  Government Transformation: New Outcomes
PPPA 6077/IBUS 6202 (PPPA 6085/IBUS 6297) Privatization, Nationalization and Public-Private Partnerships
PPPA 6085  Regulatory Comment Clinic
SMPP 6202  Business-Government Relations
SMPP 6293/HIST 6322  American Business History