Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Field Advisors: Professor Stephanie CelliniProfessor Kathryn Newcomer

This 9-credit field focuses on the processes and products of governmental decision making, with primary attention devoted to developing the ability to analyze and evaluate the ramifications of public policies and programs. This field is designed principally for student interested in careers as analysts or evaluators at any level of government – in quasi-public, nonprofit, or public interest organizations, or in research or consulting firms. Students will develop extensive quantitative and qualitative research and analysis skills from multiple disciplinary perspectives. Note that some classes listed are counted as core classes (or “tools of analysis”) in either the MPP or MPA programs. These can be applied as field courses only if they are not already counted as core requirements. With the permission of the field advisors, students may supplement or substitute these courses with other relevant courses in related disciplines.

Recommended Courses:

PPPA 6013  Econometrics for Policy Research I*
PPPA 6014  Economics in Policy Analysis*
PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis [pre-req: PPPA 614]*
PPPA 6016  Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation [pre-req: PPPA 6002]*
PPPA 6020  Decision Modeling for Public Policy [pre-req: PPPA 6002]
PPPA 6085  Data Visualization [pre-req: PPPA 6013]
DNSC 6274  Statistical Modeling and Analysis
DNSC 6275  Advanced Statistical Modeling and Analysis
DNSC 6276  Exploratory and Multivariate Data Analysis
ECON 6295  Applied Behavioral Economics
ECON 6340  Applied Labor Economics and Public Policy
EDUC 8122  Qualitative Research Methods
GEOG 6221  Geospatial Techniques
 MGT 6215  Conflict Management and Negotiation
PPPA 8022  Econometrics for Policy Research II
PPPA 8023  Mixed Methods in Research Design
PPPA 6049  Urban and Regional Policy Analysis
PPPA 6072  Legislative Management and Congress

*If not taken as a core course (program evaluation and budgeting requirement).