Politics, Policy and Administration

Field Advisors: Professor Lori Brainard; Professor Elizabeth Rigby

The courses in this field help students acquire expertise at the intersection of politics, policy and administration. The field is designed for students to be able to work effectively across sectors, including the public, private, and civic sectors and at all levels of government (federal, state, local) as topics and skills within the field are transferable. Given the breadth of the field and career opportunities within it, we urge students to work with a field adviser to shape content to reflect their area of interest. For example, a student may wish to focus broadly on general political processes (executive and legislative) or administrative processes (regulation, contracting). Students might focus on a combination of political and administrative processes. Additionally, students might focus on advocacy, communication, civic engagement. For those coming directly from an undergraduate program, this field provides insight into several potential areas of public life, employment, and research. For mid-career public officials, this field is an opportunity to explore more systematically and analytically the political, policy, and administrative functions observed in practice, or to make a career shift to a different area of focus that uses their existing experience in the field. Students may supplement these courses with other relevant courses in relevant disciplines.

Recommended Courses:

PPPA 6060  Policy Formulation and Administration
PPPA 6072  Legislative Management and Congress
PPPA 6075  Law and the Public Administrator
PPPA 6076  Federal Government Regulation of Society
PPPA 6042  Managing State and Local Governments
PPPA 6054  Issues in Federal Budgeting
PPPA 6055  Contracting Out and Public-Private Partnerships
PPPA 6056  Regulatory Comment Clinic
SMPA 6204  Strategic Political Communication
SMPA 6208  Politics and Public Relations Fundamentals 
DNSC 6261  Introduction to Project Management
PMGT 6403  Political Data and Analytics
PMGT 6410  Grassroots Engagement
PMGT 6414  Lobbying
SMPP 6202  Business-Government Relations
SMPP 6205  Business Representation and Lobbying
PUBH 6325  Federal Health Policymaking and Advocacy (2 credits)
PUBH 6399  Health Care on the Hill (1 credit)