PhD Field in Public Budgeting and Finance

Field Advisors: Professor Joseph Cordes ([email protected]); Professor Stuart Kasdin ([email protected])

This field is designed for students who desire a greater depth and breadth of knowledge about those issues surrounding taxation, public expenditure and the management of financial resources. The field generally draws on several intellectual traditions, including economics, political science, accounting and public administration. Students who successfully complete this field of study should be prepared to teach a wide variety of general courses in budgeting and public finance and should have a solid understanding of the research questions and methodologies that have defined this field.

General Examination Core

PPPA 8105  Doctoral Seminar in Public Budgeting, Revenue, and Expenditure
Students will be examined on material from this course on the field examination in public budgeting and finance.

PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis
PPPA 8174  Public Management

Students must take one doctoral-level course in accounting, economics, financing or political science selected in consultation with their field advisor.

Students must also take one of the following:

PPPA 6048  Financing State and Local Governments
PPPA 6051  Governmental Budgeting

Field Electives

Students are required to take two of the following courses:

ACCY 6701  Governmental Accounting and Auditing
ECON 2105  Economic Conditions Analysis
ECON 6218  Survey of Intermediate Macroeconomics
PHIL 6231  Economic Justice
PPPA 6016  Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation
PPPA 6048  Financing State and Local Governments
PPPA 6054  Public Budget and Tax Policy
PPPA 6055  Contracting Out and Privatization