PhD Field in Health Policy

A new PhD in Health Policy is currently under review by the University.  This PhD will be housed in the Milken Institute School of Public Health. 

Field Advisors: Professor Avi Dor ([email protected]); Professor Leighton Ku ([email protected])

Students who choose this field will be prepared to analyze a broad array of health policy issues. These problems include, for example, assessing health and health needs, financing health services, health care reform, global health, care for underserved populations and long-term care. A multidisciplinary approach to these issues will combine the curricula of economics, philosophy, sociology, law, public health and health management.

The curriculum explained below is for students currently in the PhD, PPA in Health Policy only.

General Examination Core

PUBH 8404  Advanced Topics: Health Systems and Health Policy Research
PUBH 8408  Health Services and Systems Financing

Field Electives

Public Health/Health Policy

HSML 6202  Introduction to the U.S. Health System
HSML 6207  Health Services Information Applications
HSML 6236  Aging and Disability
PUBH 6004  Environmental and Occupational Health
PUBH 6006  Health Behavior and Health Education
PUBH 6315  Introduction to Health Policy Analysis
PUBH 6320  Advanced Health Policy Analysis
PUBH 6330  Health Services and the Law OR
PUBH 6335  Public Health and the Law
PUBH 6340  Health Economics and Financing
PUBH 6364  Federal Budget Process for Health Policy
PUBH 6374  Pharmaceutical Policy
PUBH 6413  Global Health Policy and Analysis
PUBH 6442  Comparative Global Health Systems
PUBH 6501  Evaluation of Health Promotion & Disease Prevention Programs
PUBH 8419  Measurement in Public Health and Health Services Research


Students who have taken only one Quantitative Methods course under the general requirement are required to take one additional methods course from the following list (in consultation with advisor):

ECON 8375  Econometrics I: Introduction
ECON 8376  Econometrics II: Simultaneous Equation Models
ECON 8379  Laboratory in Applied Econometrics
PPPA 6013  Econometrics for Policy Research I
PPPA 6022  Econometrics for Policy Research II
PUBH 6249  Use of Statistical Packages: Data Management and Data Analysis
PUBH 6260  Advanced Data Analysis for Public Health


ECON 8342  Labor Economics
ECON 8345  Industrial Organization
ECON 8363  Public Finance I