Past Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

Dr. Mark Esper, PhD ’08
Jeff Marootian, MPA ‘03
Dr. David J. Bernstein, MPA '83 and PhD '00
Dr. Cynthia Pierre, PhD '06
Dr. Jeffrey Levi, PhD '99
Commander Timothy Cronin, MPA ’08
Dale Didion, MPA ’83
Christa Fornarotto, MPP ’05
Dr. Nancy Potok, PhD ’09
Michael Stinziano, MPA '04
Frank DiGiammarrino, MPA '95
Edwin Verburg
Dr. Demetra Nightingale, PhD '98
Alfredo Campo, MPA '86
Allison Gurnitz, MPA '91
Claudia Oakes, MPA '83
Dr. Kathryn Mohrman, PhD '93
RAdm. John M. McConnell, MPA '86
Robert Efrus, MPA '82
Kenneth Yellis, MPA '87
Mary Beth Morgan, MPA '97
Susan Brita, MPA '83
Winnie Stachelberg, MPA '90
Michael Freimuth, MPA '79
Mark Duffy, MPA '82
Nancy Tate, MPA '80
Adm. Thad Allen, MPA '86
John Berry, MPA '78
Matthew Crouch, MPA '90
Dr. Jay White, PhD '82
Michelle Mrdeza, MPA '83
Dr. Anne DeBeer, PhD '80
William Haden, MPA '65
Dr. Harry West III, PhD '73
Christopher Smith, MPA '86
Sec. Henry Cisneros, PhD '76
Elizabeth Craig, MPA '83
Gen. John Vessry Jr.
Natalie Flores Prim, MPA '03
Rep. Gilbert Gude
Cpt. Patrick Stillman, MPA '88

Past Outstanding Recent Alumni Award Recipients

Dominique Harris, MPP ’11
Kristen Easterday, MPA ‘07
Emily St. Martin Lord, MPA '08
Kara Ryan, MPP '07
Alex Lawson, MPP '08

Beginning in 2014, the Outstanding Recent Alumni award was designated to honor graduates (within the past 10 years) who are at the early stages of their career and have already distinguished themselves while demonstrating promise of even greater achievements.