National Security & Foreign Policy

Field Advisors: Professor Joseph Cordes

The national security and foreign policy field encompasses policy-making for national security and foreign affairs, as well as conflict resolution and international security. Students can take courses covering the analysis of defense policies and programs, multilateral organizations and processes, the history of warfare and strategy, as well as courses providing an understanding of national and international security and foreign policy issues in the 21st century. Courses in the field also include the tools of national security policy, such as conflict management and multilateral diplomacy. Students specializing in this field examine these issues principally through courses in political science, history, economics and international affairs.

Recommended Courses:

HIST 6032  Seminar on Strategy and Policy
 PSC 6346  U.S. Foreign Policy
  PSC 6348  Politics of U.S. National Security Policy

 PSC 6349  Politics of International Security OR
 PSC 6442  Politics and Practice of International Institutions

ECON 6239  Economics of National Defense OR
IAFF 6160  Defense Policy and Program Analysis

IAFF 6171  Introduction to Conflict Resolution OR
IAFF 6215  Conflict Management and Negotiations

IAFF 6163  Transnational Security
IAFF 6165  Fundamental of Intelligence
IAFF 6173  Security and Development

Other courses in national security policy, energy security, military history or skill courses, like negotiating skills and international crisis diplomacy can also fulfill field requirements with advisor approval.