Meet the PhD Candidates

Meet the current students within the Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration who are completing their degrees.

Theresa M. Anderson

Anticipated graduation: Spring 2019
Field of Study: Program Evaluation
Working Title of Dissertation:  Mothers’ School Re-Enrollment: A Mixed Methods Study of Effects & Processes for Both Generations
Areas of Specialization: mixed-methods program evaluation, education and workforce policy, income support policy, two-generation programs and policies, community and technical colleges, NLSY

Ryan T. Baker

Anticipated graduation: 2019
Field of Study: Program Evaluation
Working Title of Dissertation:  Logistics and Military Power: Tooth-to-Tail Ratios and Territorial Control in Conventional Military Conflict
Areas of Specialization: International security, U.S. defense policy, research methodology
Personal Website:
Email: [email protected]

Xinxin Han

Anticipated graduation: 2019
Field of Study: Health Policy
Areas of Specialization: health workforce, nurse staffing, Medicaid expansion, public insurance coverage, access to care and utilization, quasi-experiment methods, statistical analysis and modeling
Websites:  LinkedIn:, Google Scholar:
Email: [email protected]

"Rosa" (Hyun Kyong) Lee

Anticipated graduation: Summer, 2018
Field of Study: Urban and Social Policy
Working Title of Dissertation: Essays on American Middle Class in Metropolitan Areas: Definition, Size, Characteristics, and Impact on Economic Growth
Areas of Specialization: income distribution and economic security; middle class; inequality and spatial disparity; regional growth and resilience; state and local government; data-driven policy making