Master of Public Administration Curriculum

The MPA program consists of 40 credit hours. Students complete a common core and select specialized elective fields to tailor their coursework to their unique interests and career objectives.

Core Course Requirements (25 Credits)

PPPA 6000  Perspectives on Public Values (1 credit)
PPPA 6001  Introduction to Public Service and Administration (3 credits)
PPPA 6002  Research Methods and Applied Statistics (3 credits)
PPPA 6003  Economics for Public Decision-Making (3 credits)
PPPA 6004  Leadership in Public Administration and Public Policy (3 credits)
PPPA 6005  Public Budgeting, Revenue, and Expenditures (3 credits)
PPPA 6006  Policy Analysis (3 credits)
PPPA 6009  Capstone Seminar (3 credits)*
PPPA 6016  Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation (3 credits)

*Students must complete their core coursework prior to enrolling in the Capstone Seminar. 

Course descriptions for core courses.

Field of Study (9-12 credits)

The MPA draws on the strengths of the entire university to provide a broad range of choices in fields of study. Students select a field of study consisting of at least three to four approved courses or may design their own. Explore the fields. Consult the appropriate field advising team to choose a field and declare your field of study.


Additional Field Classes or Electives (3-6 credits)

Students choose one or two graduate-level (6000+ level) courses from around the university beyond the three four or required for their field, in consultation with an adviser.  Students may take additional classes in their field or build their skills in another area.

Students who wish to study a special area of interest not covered by a course in the curriculum may elect to enroll in an independent study for course credit in consultation with a faculty member.


The Professional Development Plan

Rigorous academic study and professional experiences are necessary components in the development of successful public and non-profit administrators, policy researchers, and academics. To ensure sufficient professional experience prior to graduation, we ask all students to complete a professional development plan (PDP) with the Director of Career Development Services in their first year of study.