Managing State and Local Governments

Field Advisor: Professor Nancy Augustine; Professor David Brunori

This field is designed for students interested in pursuing careers in state and local government administration. The field gives primary consideration to understanding the theoretical and practical implications of the political economy of state and local governments; to distinguishing among alternative structure and forms of local government, recognizing advantages and disadvantages; and to gaining an understanding of the problems that local governments face (particularly in urban areas), the policy options and the practical management considerations for resolving these problems. With the permission of the field advisor, students may supplement these courses with other relevant courses in relevant disciplines.

Field Courses:

FINA 6242  Problems in Real Estate Valuation
PPPA 6042  Managing State and Local Governments
PPPA 6048  Financing State and Local Governments
PPPA 6049  Urban and Regional Policy Analysis
PPPA 6053  Financial Management in the Public Sector
PPPA 6054  Issues in Federal Budgeting
PPPA 6065  Federalism and Public Policy