International Development Policy

Field Advisors: Professor Rob Weiner

The International Development Policy subfield provides students the opportunity for analysis of issues associated with international development, trade and governance. Courses offer theoretical and empirical foundations for development policy, as well as understanding on-going policy issues. Students may focus on:

  1. policy areas important in fostering development, such as education, health, population, infrastructure and environment/natural resources;
  2. broader, cross-area issues, such as the impacts of trade and investment on growth, the role of international organizations and NGOs in development and rural/urban migration, or
  3. the use of tools, such as survey techniques, and cost-benefit analysis for project evaluation.

Recommended Courses:

Courses in this field are grouped into two sets. The first set is comprised of courses that relate directly to international development policy and analysis, while the second set lists relevant courses that focus on analytic tools or specific sub-fields. Students may choose any combination of 9 credits (typically, three courses) from either or both lists and/or other relevant courses in the university in consultation with an adviser. However, it is highly recommended that students take ECON 6250 (Survey of Development Economics), as it lays the groundwork for other coursework.

International Development Policy Courses:

ECON 6250  Survery of Development Economics
ECON 6294  Topics in International Development
IAFF 6138  Topics in International Development Studies
IBUS 6303  External Development Financing
IBUS 6402  Managing in Developing Countries
PPPA 6057  International Development Policy and Administration
Psc  6336  The Political Economy of Developing Areas Seminar

Other Relevant Courses:

ECON 6280  Survery of International Economics
ECON 6283  Survery of International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON 6284  Survery of International Macroeconomics and Finance Theory and Policy
ECON 6290  Principles of Demography
ECON 6291  Methods of Demographic Analysis
ECON 6296  International Migration and Labor Markets
EDUC 6601.10  International and Comparative Education
IAFF 6138  Global Food Security
IAFF 6358  Migration, Remittances & Development
IAFF 6378  Oil: Industry, Economy, Society
IAFF 6505  Corruption, Development & Governance
PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis
PUBH 6400  Global Health Frameworks