International Development Management

Field Advisors: Professor Jennifer Brinkerhoff; Professor Joan Dudik-Gayoso

This field of study prepares students for careers in international development management. A concentration in this field provides insight into the practical workings of the international development industry, i.e., who the major players are, how they interact and how policy is made and implemented; and management approaches and challenges specific to the international development field, including specific development management tools and approaches. Note: In addition to a Masters degree, entry into an international development career typically requires overseas professional work experience. With the permission of the field advisor, students may supplement these courses with other relevant courses in relevant disciplines.

Field Courses:

ECON 6250  Survey Economic Development
PPPA 6057  International Development Administration
PPPA 6058  International Development NGO Management
PPPA 6059  International Development Management Processes and Tools

Optional Courses:

ANTH 6301  Anthropology and Development
EDUC 6610  Policy Issues in International Education
GEOG 6230  Environmental Issues in Development
IBUS 6402  Managing in Developing Countries
 PSC 8334  Democracy and Democratization
 PSC 8336  Political Economy of Developing Areas
 PSC 8337  Theories of Political Development
PUBH 6400  Global Health Frameworks

Students are encouraged to explore course offerings in the Elliott School of International Affairs, which regularly offers special topics courses related to international development (varies semester to semester); as well as other course offerings in anthropology, international education, emergency management, geography and global health.