International Development

Field Advisors: Professor Jennifer Brinkerhoff; Professor Joan Dudik-Gayoso; Professor Robert Weiner

This field of study prepares students for careers in international development management and/or policy analysis. The field courses are listed in three groupings. The first set of classes focus on management issues and provide insight into the practical workings of the international development industry,(e.g., who the major players are, how they interact and how policy is made and implemented; and management approaches and challenges specific to the international development field, including specific development management tools and approaches). The second set focus on empirical and theoretical analysis of international development issues, policy areas important in development (e.g., education, health, environment/natural resources), or on cross-area issues (e.g., impacts of trade and investment on growth, rural/urban migration).  In addition, students are encouraged to explore course offerings—such as those in the third set—in the Elliott School of International Affairs and other departments, such as anthropology, international education, emergency management, geography and global health. Students may select any combination of nine credits from any of these lists or other courses if approved by the field advising team. But, it is recommended that they begin with PPPA 6057 (management track) and/or ECON 6250 (policy track). Note: In addition to a master degree, entry into an international development career typically requires overseas professional work experience.  If you are lacking this experience, please meet with a field adviser and/or career services early in your academic program to discuss this issue.

Recommended Management Courses:

ECON 6250  Survey of Development Economics
PPPA 6057  International Development Administration
PPPA 6058  International Development NGO Management
PPPA 6059  International Development Management Processes and Tools

Recommended Policy Courses:

ECON 6250  Survey of Development Economics
ECON 6294  Topics in International Development
IAFF 6138  Topics in International Development Studies
IBUS 6402  Managing in Developing Countries 

Other Relevant Courses:

ANTH 6301  Anthropology and Development
ECON 6280  Survey of International Economics
ECON 6283  Survey of International Trade Theory and Policy
ECON 6284  Survey of International Macroeconomics and Finance Theory and Policy
ECON 6290  Principles of Demography
ECON 6291  Methods of Demographic Analysis
ECON 6296  International Migration and Labor Markets
EDUC 6610  Policy Issues in International Education
EDUC 6601  International and Comparative Education
GEOG 6230  Environmental Issues in Development
IAFF 6358  Migration, Remittances & Development
IAFF 6378  Oil: Industry, Economy, Society
IAFF 6505  Corruption, Development & Governance
PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis
EUBH 6400  Global Health Frameworks