Health Policy

Field Advisors: Professor Anil Nathan; Professor Sara Wilensky

The field in health policy covers a broad array of health issues, including assessing health and health needs, health planning, human resources development, financing health services, national health insurance, long-term care, women’s health and global health.  The field in health policy is offered in close collaboration with the Department of Health Policy in the Milken Institute School of Public Health. With the permission of the field advisor, students may supplement these courses with other relevant courses in relevant disciplines.

Introductory Course:

PUBH 6012  Fundamentals of Health Policy (2 credits)
Note: Students with extensive education or work experience in health policy may waive out of PUBH 6012 with permission of a field advisor.

Recommended Courses:

PUBH 6320  Advanced Health Policy Analysis (2 credits)
PUBH 6325  Federal Policymaking and Advocacy (2 credits)
PUBH 6330  Health Services and the Law (3 credits)
PUBH 6335  Public Health and the Law (3 credits)
PUBH 6335  Comparative Health Policy (1 credit)
PUBH 6356  State Health Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6359  Reproductive Health Policy (1 credit)
PUBH 6361  Health Workforce Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6362  Civil Rights Issues in Health Care (2 credits)
PUBH 6367  Population Health and Health Reform(2 credits)
PUBH 6368  Law, Medicine and Ethics (3 credits)
PUBH 6370  Medicare and Medicaid Law and Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6372  Minority Health Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6374  Pharmaceutical Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6376  Primary Health Care Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6378  HIV Policy in the U.S. (2 credits)
PUBH 6384  Health Care Quality and Policy (2 credits)
PUBH 6399  Health Impact Assessment (3 credits)
PUBH 6400  Global Health Frameworks (2 credits)
PUBH 6561  Maternal and Child Health Policy Analysis (2 credits)
PPPA 6056  Regulatory Comment Clinic (3 credits)
ECON 6295  Applied Behavioral Economics (3 credits)
SOC  6268  Race, Gender and Class (3 credits)