Faculty Updates | Spring 2015

May 22, 2015

Bill Adams
Dr. Bill Adams’ short article, “Island Hopping Across Micronesia,” was published in The Circumnavigators' Log (No. 2, 2014), and one of his travel photographs was on the cover. Over the winter break, his infamous travel addiction took him to six new countries: Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles. His travel website is now www.billtrips.com.

Steve Balla
Dr. Steve Balla, along with his co-author Yuhan Wu, presented “Online Consultation and Governance Reform in Chinese Ministries and Provinces” at the Conference on the Empirical Study of Agency Rulemaking. In addition, he published, “Salience, Complexity and State Resistance to Federal Mandates” and “Political Control, Bureaucratic Discretion, and Public Commenting on Agency Regulations” in the Journal of Public Policy and Public Administration journal, respectively.

Jennifer Brinkerhoff
Dr. Jennifer Brinkerhoff published “Diaspora Philanthropy: Lessons from a Demographic Analysis of the Coptic Diaspora” in Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly in 2014. In March, he signed a contract with the Oxford University Press to publish her newest book: Diaspora Entrepreneurs and Institutional Reform: The In-Between Advantage. She also gave a presentation of “Beyond the Conflict: Diasporas and Post-Conflict Government Reconstruction” at a research workshop at Memorial University and will be giving a similar presentation at this year’s NASPAA conference.

Leah Brooks
Dr. Leah Brooks presented her paper on streetcars in the Los Angeles area to multiple audiences, including Drexel University’s economics department, New York University’s policy school and George Mason University’s law school. In addition, she contributed an article on the topic to the Zocalo blog. She also presented a paper on containerization and cities at the North American Regional Science meeting last November.

David Brunori
Dr. Brunori has spoken and presented papers before numerous councils and associations including the Council of State Taxation, the National Conference of State Tax Court Judges, the Minnesota Taxpayers Association, a visiting group of Chinese local government officials, the Hartman Institute on State and Local Taxation, and Institute of Professional in Taxation. He continues to travel and expand his research.

Dylan Conger
Dr. Dylan Conger was appointed by the National Academy of Sciences to serve on a committee that will carry out a study aimed at improving the educational outcomes of U.S. children who are English or Dual Language Learners. Dr. Conger also published a paper entitled, “Foreign-Born Peers and Academic Performance” in Demography and presented her work on undocumented college students at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the annual meeting of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management.

Teresa Derrick-Mills
Dr. Teresa Derrick-Mills published “Data Use for Continuous Quality Improvement: What the Head Start Field Can Learn from Other Disciplines” in December as a result of one of her government-funded projects.

Susan Dudley
Prof. Susan Dudley was elected Vice President of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis. She presented her research at meetings of the Western Economics Association International, the Southern Economics Association, the Public Choice Society, and the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis. Her article, “Improving Regulatory Accountability: Lessons from the Past and Prospects for the Future,” is forthcoming in the Case Western Reserve Law Review. In addition, her article, “Will the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s Proposed Standards for Occupational Exposure to Respirable Crystalline Silica Reduce Workplace Risk?” is forthcoming in Risk Analysis: An International Journal.

Paula Lantz
Dr. Paula Lantz is currently a member of an Institute of Medicine Committee on the Health Implications of Raising the Minimum Age of Legal Access to Tobacco Products. The committee's report was released in March 2015.

Peter Linquiti
Dr. Peter Linquiti's new book, The Public Sector R&D Enterprise: A New Approach to Portfolio Valuation, will be published by Palgrave this summer. He continues to travel to promote the book, as well as his other R&D-oriented projects.

Jasmine McGinnis Johnson
Dr. Jasmine McGinnis Johnson has a book review, “Race and Social Equity: A Nervous Area of Government,” forthcoming in Susan Gooden’s text, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal. She was also awarded a grant by the Universities Confucius Institute to conduct a survey of Chinese NGOs in summer of 2015. Additionally, during the Summer Public Management Research Association Conference, Dr. McGinnis Johnson organized a panel with co-author Lauren Edwards (University of Maryland) entitled, “Civic Engagement and Coproduction: Moving Toward a Better Understanding.”

Kathryn Newcomer
Dr. Newcomer published an article with co-author Clint Brass of the Congressional Research Service entitled “Forging a Strategic and Comprehensive Approach to Evaluation and Measurement” in the American Journal of Evaluation in March. In April, she published a report for the IBM Center for the Business of Government entitled “Balancing Independence and Positive Engagement: How Inspectors General are Working with Agencies and Congress” with co-author Charles Johnson from Texas A&M. Dr. Newcomer spoke on three panels at the Annual Conference of the American Society for Public Administration in Chicago in March, including giving one paper with Joselynn Fountain, PhD ’15, entitled “Developing and Sustaining Effective Faculty Mentoring Programs” and another paper with Nick Hart, PhD ’16, entitled “Change, Continuity and Lessons Unlearned: A Tale of Two Administrations’ Experiences with Evaluation and Performance Measurement.” Dr. Newcomer also published a chapter entitled, "Outputs to Outcomes," on the history of performance measurement in government for the book, Public Administration Evolving: From Foundations to the Future edited by Mary Guy and Marilyn Ruben that was published to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the American Society for Public Administration in March, 2015. Finally, Dr. Newcomer spoke during a workshop and on two panels at the Annual Conference of the Society for Benefit Cost Analysis in March regarding applying evaluation tools to retrospective assessment of government regulations.

Scott Pace
Dr. Scott Pace continues to work on the future of human space flight and the engagement with space powers in the Asia-Pacific, notably Japan, China, Korea and India. He recently authored a chapter on “U.S.-Japan Space Security Cooperation” in the Handbook of Space Security, Policies, Applications and Programs, as well as presenting “Building a Strategic Framework for Human Spaceflight” at the 2014 IAF Conference in Toronto. In September 2014, Dr. Pace co-authored an opinion piece for Aviation Week and Space Technology entitled, “Not a Replay, A Stepping Stone,” in which he argues for a return of humans to the moon. In addition, he has participated in a host of events, including as a private sector advisor on the U.S. delegation to the annual plenary meeting of the UN Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and as a U.S. expert for a group developing guidelines for the long-term sustainability of space activities. Dr. Pace was the keynote speaker for the U.S. Telecommunication Training Institute on the use of “GPS for Disaster Management” and gave a walking lecture tour at the Air and Space Museum for Elliott School administrative staff as part of a “Staff Appreciation Day” this November.

Sanjay Pandey
Dr. Sanjay Pandey co-authored two papers presented at the 2014 Annual Meeting of the Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) and convened a panel at the 2014 NASPAA Annual Meeting titled, "Scholarship and Teaching in a Globalized World: Searching for Balance between Uniqueness of Country Context and Cross-cutting Universal Knowledge of Public Affairs." His paper, "Immigrant Health Care Access and the Affordable Care Act," co-authored with Joel C. Cantor and Kristen Lloyd, was published in Public Administration Review. And, in January, Dr. Pandey served as an Invited Public Administration Expert to the "Expert group meeting on Policy integration in government in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals” at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Marvin Phaup
Dr. Marvin Phaup contributed to “The Conversation” blog in December, supporting a proposed accounting standard for operating leases and lamenting the ancient, universal resistance of entities to recognizing their liabilities. In addition, he was interviewed for “The Real Bank of America” in Politico, addressing the size, variety, costs and risks of federal direct loans and guarantees. Dr. Phaup also published a paper, co-authored with Imtiaz Bhatti, in the Public Budgeting and Finance journal, entitled, “Budgeting for Fiscal Uncertainty and Bias: A Federal Process Proposal.”

Elizabeth Rigby
Dr. Elizabeth Rigby and former TSPPPA PhD student Megan Hatch published the paper "Laboratories of (In)Equality? Redistributive Policy and Income Inequality in the American States" in the Policy Studies Journal. In addition, Dr. Rigby spent her sabbatical working on the staff of the Senate Finance Committee as an American Political Science Association (APSA) Congressional Fellow. Her portfolio includes a range of federal-state child and family programs, including TANF, Medicaid/CHIP and foster care. 

Amit Ronen
In December, GW Solar Institute Director Amit Ronen traveled to Berlin to participate in the American Council on Germany’s Study Tour on climate and energy. In October, Amit spoke at the Solar Power International Conference organized by SEIA and SEPA. His session, “The Rise of Super Solar Customers,” focused on how large, influential businesses and organizations are bypassing traditional regulatory and institutional roadblocks in order to achieve renewable energy goals. The talk focused on GW’s solar buy and how the university’s unique partnership with American University and George Washington University Hospital allowed the university to create an innovative new purchasing model.

Gregory Squires
Dr. Gregory Squires published numerous papers in recent months, including “Can Renewal Happen without Removal? Case Study of a Poor Black Neighborhood on the Rebound” in Community Development and “Foreclosures Are Making People Sick” in American Banker. These have been accompanied by several presentations and workshops, including one on social science research at the National Science Foundation entitled, “How Context Shapes the Impact of Social Science Research on Insurance Redlining Policy Debates.” His research has also been quoted in several media sources online and in print.

Stephen Joel Trachtenberg
President Emeritus Dr. Stephen Joel Trachtenberg gave several recent interviews, including one on higher education with BBC News America and a live radio discussion on This Week in Politics with Ron Willis on Obama’s free community college proposal and the impact it could have on four-year colleges. In addition, his article, “Should Colleges End Legacy Preferences?” was published in The New York Times in the fall. He also participated on several boards, including the Moment Magazine Board and The U.S. Institution of Peace Advisory Council and was a speaker at the President’s Lecture Series at SUNY Downstate New York.

Jeffrey Williams
Dr. Jeffrey Williams published “Intellectual Property and Standards,” a chapter in the book Innovation Policy: A Practical Introduction. The book provides a concise introduction to important aspects of contemporary innovation policy, with particular emphasis on its impact on economic growth and development.

Garry Young
Dr. Garry Young continues to collaborate on several research projects and has recently been featured twice in The New York Times. His first featured article discussed statehood debates within the District of Columbia, and his second analyzes political stances and regulations to do with marijuana laws.