Faculty Member Scott Pace Testifies Before House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology

Scott Pace
January 01, 2013

Scott Pace, George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute Director and affiliated faculty with the Trachtenberg School, testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in December 2012. The hearing explored options for NASA’s future and perspectives on strategic visions for America’s space program.  The hearing came at a time when NASA faces budget difficulties and changing levels of administrative and public support. 

Dr. Pace stated that “U.S. national space policy should be updated to make a more explicit recognition of the need for international partners in a long-range vision of human space exploration…Our Nation’s space program needs clear, decisive and steadfast leadership. We have enjoyed a half-century of leadership in space, but now that leadership is eroding despite the hard work of our industry and government personnel. Yes, more money would be useful, but steadiness of purpose, coherence and bipartisan support are even more important.”

Giving further insight into what might emerge as a space priority in the near future, Dr. Pace asserted, “If there is to be a serious effort at engaging international partners, a lunar-based architecture is most likely to emerge as the next focus of human space exploration.”

Prior to his work at the Space Policy Institute, Dr. Pace served as the Associate Administrator for Program Analysis and Evaluation at NASA and Assistant Director for Space and Aeronautics in the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.