Environmental Policy at the Trachtenberg School


There are four ways to study environmental policy at the George Washington University Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration:


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A 36-credit "deep-dive" into environmental issues including environmental economics, environmental law and two semesters of environmental science as well as research methods and policy analysis. A broad array of electives lets you specialize in a single environmental issue (such as climate change or urban sustainability) or develop a set of analytic skills (like geographic information systems or program evaluation).
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A 40-credit degree that focuses on policy research and analytic methods. Required courses include policy analysis, economics, statistics and other tools of analysis. MPP students concentrating in environmental policy select three courses from a long list of classes covering a wide range of environmental topics.  
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This 40-credit degree focuses on leadership and management in public service. Required courses include budgeting, program evaluation and public administration. MPA students seleting environmental policy as their concentration select three environmental policy courses from a long list of class options covering a wide range of environmental topics.
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A 12-credit inter-disciplinary introduction to environmental policy that covers environmental science, law, economics and policy analysis. Upon satisfactory completion of the certificate, you can move directly into the MA-ENRP program if you choose.

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