Encouraging Positive Public Service

by Lily Robin, MPP '17

April 26, 2016

The Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Administration prides itself on not only preparing students for public service, but also on helping them to pursue fulfilling careers.  Brandon Lardy, MPP ’15, embodies this notion of fulfillment through service in his work with the Partnership for Public Service. 

Lardy earned his B.A. in sociology and public policy from the College of William and Mary in 2013. His drive to utilize his knowledge in these fields on a more practical level led him to pursue a Master of Public Policy at George Washington University.

For Lardy, attending school in Washington, D.C. was a clear priority, saying there is "no better place to study public policy than the center of public policy in the United States." George Washington University’s reputation, in particular, was a major draw, and Lardy was excited to enroll in such a “well-known and renowned institution.”

In his role as a research associate at the Partnership for Public Service, Lardy now works toward transforming the way that the federal government works. His current focus is on employee engagement – through the Best Places to Work in the Federal Government® program - and the role of the Inspectors General.

He describes his work as highlighting and encouraging positive behaviors, while also helping to keep government accountable. At his job, Lardy applies the skills he learned at Trachtenberg almost everyday. Indeed, Lardy says it was a “nearly seamless transition from school to full-time work.”

Throughout his time at George Washington, Lardy was struck by the quality of the professors and the depth of their firsthand knowledge on policy. This access to policy experts and Washington, D.C. institutions, combined with the Trachtenberg School’s support structure ultimately led him to his current position at the Partnership.

When reflecting on the school’s career services, Lardy insists he “wouldn’t have the job he has today without [Denise].” Denise Reibman, Director of the Trachtenberg School’s Career Services, let him know about relevant opportunities and helped him target his resume to the fields he wanted.

Further, Lardy appreciated Riebman's “great penchant for identifying skills and positive qualities” and helping him to convey his.

Lardy advises future students to take the time to get to know professors outside the classroom.  Not only will it enrich their experiences inside the classroom, but it will also help them establish an initial professional network. 

And lastly, he would advise future students to remember that “public service can mean a lot of different things.”  He recommends they explore the variety of classes available to them both inside and outside the Trachtenberg School. And no matter where they are, students should embrace any and all opportunities to broaden their horizons.