Dissertation Courses

All students are required to complete between 12 and 18 credits of dissertation research. To fulfill this requirement, students register for:

  • Philosophical Foundations of Policy and Administrative Research (PPPA 8190),
  • Dissertation Workshop (PPA 8191), and
  • A minimum of 6 credits of Dissertation Research (PPPA 8199) must be taken in 3-credit increments until the 72-credit hour requirement has been met.
  • After students have met the 72-credit hour requirement, they register for Continuing Research (CCAS 940), which is available in 1-credit increments.

PPPA 8190: Philosophical Foundations of Policy and Administrative Research
Philosophy of science as applied to research in public policy and public administration. Topics include the nature and current problems of epistemology, development and role of theories, and relationships among theory, methodology, and empirical data.
Note: the content of this course will not be covered in the comprehensive exam. Students may take it at any point in their curriculum depending upon background.

PPPA 8191: Dissertation Workshop
This workshop examines the use of models and theoretical frameworks in designing dissertation research; formulation of research questions, hypotheses, operational definitions, research designs, sampling and data analysis approaches. This class is for doctoral candidates who have completed all courses and examinations and are preparing for their dissertation.

PPPA 8199: Dissertation Research

CCAS 0940: Continuing Research