Current Tuition and Costs

Tuition for on-campus graduate courses has been set at $1,765 per credit hour for the 2017-2018 academic year. Graduate tuition is charged by the credit hour, regardless of full-time or part-time status. The MPP and MPA programs are 40 credits each; the PhD in Public Policy and Administration is 72 credits; the Certificate in Nonprofit Management and the Certificate in Budget and Public Finance are 12 credits. Plan on an increase of about 8-10% per year in tuition and fees.

For a list of tuition and fees for the 2017-18 year, look for the Trachtenberg School within the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.

Estimated Costs and Expenses

The following is a 12-month cost estimate for a single, full-time student living in a shared apartment near campus that requires a commute. The stated expenses represent an estimate only. Your expenses will vary based on your standard of living and the choices you make about housing and discretionary costs. Expenses associated with overseas travel, temporary housing, health care, maternity and children, and other similar costs are not included. Students expecting to live alone should plan to pay $1000 or more per month for an efficiency (small single room) or one-bedroom apartment near GW. Students with disabilities (blind, deaf, physically disabled or learning disabled) may require additional services that could add to the estimated maintenance expenses. Plan on an increase of about 10% per year in your living expenses, and a similar increase in tuition and University fees each year.


Tuition & Fees


average tuition and fees for two semesters (assumes 18 credits); actual costs may vary

Living expenses (food, housing,  utilities, & transportation)


twelve months at $1,900/month

Books & Supplies


nine-month academic year

Health Insurance


twelve months at $165/month




International students: if you are married and plan to bring your spouse and/or children, you must also certify at least an additional $10,796 per year for your spouse and $5,394 per year for each child. Also see GW Visa Request and Financial Certificate form, part of application for admission.

Sources for More Information: 
Fees and Financial Regulations (part of the University Bulletin)

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