Commitment to Teaching Quality

A Statement of the Trachtenberg School

We value:

  1. Providing outstanding learning experiences for all students;
  2. Providing useful and timely feedback to our students on their work;
  3. Consistently receiving and incorporating feedback from our students and alumni about ways to enhance our teaching; and
  4. Working collaboratively with our faculty colleagues, alumni, and employers to ensure the integrity and saliency of our curricula.

We use multiple processes to obtain data to help us evaluate our courses and our curricula:

  1. Each individual course is evaluated by all students using forms that include both close-ended and open-ended questions;
  2. Feedback on the curriculum and all school services and support is collected from all graduating MPA and MPP students during the capstone classes;
  3. Capstone presentations are evaluated  to assess student competencies by faculty and alumni using structured feedback forms;
  4. The overall program is reviewed using survey findings from alumni about their experience in the program;
  5. The School’s program directors, as well as the faculty, meet at least annually to consider the student and alumni feedback about the curricula;
  6. The School’s program directors meet at least annually to consider student feedback about the courses and instructors;
  7. The School’s Advisory Board is consulted at biannual meetings about curricular matters and competencies needed in the workplace.