Combined BA in Political Science/MPA

This combined degree program is designed for qualified students who are interested in pursuing a master's degree in addition to their undergraduate degree in political science. The program is selective and targets outstanding GW undergraduates. Normally a student wishing to receive both a bachelor's degree in political science and an MPA would take 40 additional credits after the baccalaureate and would spend six years at GW. The combined degree program offers students a challenging curriculum that substitutes 12 graduate-level credits for upper-division undergraduate courses. These 12 credits, chosen with advisor approval, are applied to the requirements of both the bachelor's degree and the MPA; this allows students to complete their bachelor's degree and Master of Public Administration with fewer total credits and in less than six years.

Students who have maintained a satisfactory academic record may apply for admission to the MPA program during their junior year. If admitted, you will be granted 12 credits of advanced standing, leaving you with only 28 credit hours to complete the MPA degree.

How to Apply

Students may apply for admission to the BA/MPA program when they have accumulated 75 credit hours. The application should be accompanied by a recommendation from a faculty member in the Political Science department, which will be used in the admission decision made by the director of the MPA program.

Students interested in the dual degree program should confer with the department's graduate adviser early in their junior year. Once students have completed 60 undergraduate credits, they may proceed with the CCAS Combined Degree application process. GRE scores are not required. In addition to the form, the Department of Political Science requires students to submit to the department office: 

  • A statement of purpose
  • A letter of recommendation from a current faculty member
  • A résumé or CV