Combined BA in Human Services and Social Justice/MPA

This combined degree is a bachelor of arts with a major in human services and social justice and master's of public administration. All requirements for the bachelor of arts in the field of human services and social justice and for the MPA are to be completed.


Prerequisites (1 credit)

PPPA 6000 is not counted toward the BA requirement.

Core Courses (21 credits)

PPPA 6001 6002 6003 6005 are "double-counted" toward the BA and MPA.

PPPA 6004 6006 6009 are taken in the student's final year of study.

Concentration (9-12 credits)

Students choose from MPA concentrations.

Electives (7-10 credits)

Total: 40 credits, 12 counted toward the BA and MPA, 28 counted toward the MPA

Course Scheduling

In addition to undergraduate courses and assuming no transferred credit:

  • Summer before Fourth year OR Fourth year, Fall: PPPA 6000
  • Fourth year, Fall: PPPA 6001 and 6003
  • Fourth year, Spring: PPPA 6002 and 6005
  • Fifth year, Fall: PPPA 6004 and 6006, plus two courses (concentration or elective)
  • Five year, Spring: PPPA 6009, plus three courses (concentration and/or elective) one of any concentrations in public administration and two electives

Students cannot take more than half their credits at the graduate level in any semester during which they are undergraduates.


Students should have a 3.50 GPA. Students with majors in the Elliott School of International Affairs are not eligible for this combined degree program.


Assuming students have not transferred any credits into GW, application to the graduate portion of the program occurs during the sixth semester (at completion of 75 credit hours, 45 of which have been completed at GW). Students must be accepted for the graduate portion of the combined degree prior to the start of the seventh semester.


The handbook for the combined BA-MPA in Human Services and Social Justice contains additional details about the program.


Human Services and Social Justice Program Advisor: Emily Morrison, 202-994-6167

Trachtenberg School Assistant Director of Graduate Studies: Denee' Bottoms , 202-994-6662