Career Information for Prospective Students

The Trachtenberg School’s Career Development Services office helps students and alumni throughout the career trajectory, whether you have an idea of the work you’d like to do or you are still exploring options. We’re committed to helping you find your next, best professional opportunity. Work with staff, faculty,  alumni and your cohort to figure out how you can do good and do it well.

Connect with Alumni 

If you would like to speak to Trachtenberg School alumni let our admissions director know. The alumni can  share insights into being a student, utilizing D.C. as a classroom and the ways they use the skills from the Trachtenberg School in their career journeys.  

Wondering where you’ll be after graduation?  Here’s a look at where our most recent graduates are working six months after completing the program.

95% of 2018 Graduates were employed within 6 months of graduation


41% in the Nonprofit Sector


26% in the Private Sector


34% in the Public Sector