Career Field: Nonprofit

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Nonprofit Overview

Nonprofit organizations are mission-focused and may be affiliated with religious institutions or community-based. They often provide direct services for, collect data about, perform research on, and advocate for the cause stipulated in their mission. Their size varies dramatically from no paid staff to hundreds of paid staff. All have a Board of Directors to which the head of the organization must report and within which ultimate fiduciary responsibility lays.

Nonprofit organizations receive their funding from a variety of sources including: national, state and local governments; foundations; the United Way; businesses; religious institutions; and, individuals. In some cases, they run their own businesses – like thrift shops or catering services -- to generate funds for the organization. Much of this funding is obtained through a grant-writing process which must be repeated on a yearly basis to maintain funding. Increasingly funds awarded to nonprofits are performance-based, meaning that the nonprofit must track its outcomes and meet specified standards to maintain funding.

Typical Career Positions

Management & Administration (CEO, Executive Director, COO, Deputy Director, Vice President, VP/Director of Human Resources, Office Manager)

Finance (CFO, Director of Finance, Controller, Business Manager)

Fundraising/Development (Chief Development Officer, Director of Development, Director of Major Gifts, Director of Foundation/Corporate Relations, Director of Membership, Director of Special Events, Grants Writer, Development Associate)

Marketing & Communications (VP of Communications, Director, Associate, Social Media Professional)

Programs & Education (VP/Director of Programs, Program Associate/Assistant/Coordinator)