Career Field: International Development

Sample Employers (International Organizations, Bilateral or Government Agencies, Private Voluntary Organizations, For-Profit Development Consulting Firms)

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International Organizations

Bilateral or Govt. Agencies

Private Voluntary Organizations

For-Profit International Development Firms


Membership Organizations & Professional Resources


International Development Overview

This field focuses providing capital, training and technical assistance to governments, small businesses and cooperatives, nonprofits/NGOs, communities, voluntary and self-help groups, and individuals. The work is carried out by teams of experts on short-term consulting assignments, on-site field workers in national, regional and/or central offices, and home office policy management and technical support. 

Position Title Examples:

Field Based Job Titles:  Assistant Program Officer, Assistant Project Director, Program Officer, Consultant

Home Office Job Titles:  Research Assistant, Project Management Associate, Program Evaluator, Program Evaluator

Trachtenberg School International Development Career Guide