Energy Policy Overview

The energy industry encompasses a variety of products and services but jobs in this field most relevant for the School of Public Policy and Public Administration graduates are with the government (federal, state, or local), companies with an energy focus, environmental companies/groups, or consulting firms. Openings also occur in strategic planning or external relations departments for candidates with congressional or federal experience. An increased focus on corporate responsibility is also a growing area for nonprofits and international organizations with programs or whole divisions examining implications for sustainable development.

Position Title Examples:

  • Research or Policy Assistant
  • Research or Policy Analyst
  • Analytical or Technical Consulting
  • Project Manager
  • Government policy analyst

Typical Job Responsibilities Include:

  • Analyzing & researching energy policy, environmental issues and trends
  • Researching regional and international market trends
  • Developing & operating energy infrastructure projects
  • Acquiring or developing power plants for the competitive market
  • Managing energy information & billing systems
  • Marketing energy efficiency improvements
  • Marketing and trading physical and financial energy products, such as natural gas, power, crude oil, and associated commodities