Career Field: Consulting

Sample List of Consulting Firms with Public Service Practices (including federal, nonprofit, healthcare, international development, national security, social responsibility).  See below for additional Consulting Firms including those with Nonprofit Practices in (NYC, LA and Massachusetts) and Membership Organizations & Professional Resources.

Greater Washington DC Area

Consulting Firms with a * have Nonprofit Practices In the Greater Washington, DC Area

Consulting Firms with Nonprofit Practices (NYC Locations)

Consulting Firms with Nonprofit Practices (LA Locations)

Consulting Firms with Nonprofit Practices (Massachusetts Locations)

Membership Organizations & Professional Resources


Consulting Overview

Consultants sell the knowledge and expertise of its people to companies and governments—their people are the commodity. Over the last 10-15 years, the pervasiveness of consulting firms has exploded beyond the private sector. Once considered useful and affordable for the business and management fields, consulting firms have branched out to include state and local work, international development, and multi-billion dollar contracts with the federal government.  As of 2002, for example, the number of contractors working in the federal government was double that of full-time federal employees.

Pros: Work is generally fast-paced and stimulating, travels frequently

Cons: Long hours (50-75 hours a week), travels frequently

Average Salaries
  • Research Associates: $55K-$65K
  • Entry-level consultants: $65K-$75K
  • Management consultants: $75K-$80K
  • Senior consultants: $95K - $105K
  • Junior Partners: $130K-$140K
  • Senior Partners: $200K

Types of Consulting Firms

Diversified Organizations:  Offer a range of services, including information technology consulting, in addition to a strategy consulting practice (ex. Booz Allen Hamilton, Deloitte)

Management and Strategy Consulting Specialists:  Offer only strategy consulting but are not specialized in any specific industry (ex. Arthur D. Little, A.T. Kearney, Bain, BCG, McKinsey

Boutique Firms:  Focused areas of  expertise in specific industries (The Bridgespan Group – Nonprofit; Monitor Group – pharmaceutical industry & aiding developing country governments)

Types of Consulting Projects

  • Business-process re-engineering
  • Business organization & management consulting
  • Operations
  • Corporate strategy
  • Systems design & integration
  • Customer retention or customer acquisition
  • Intelligence
  • Financial planning
  • Outsourcing
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)