Career Field: Community & Urban Development

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Community and Urban Development

Housing and community development utilizes a variety of skills, including policy analysis, program evaluation, community planning and program management.  Potential employers include a wide range of government organizations (federal, state and local) to nonprofits to industry organizations.  Positions in this sector work to solve the difficult problems often found in urban areas, from housing to transportation to redevelopment.  

Position Examples:

Local Government Analysts:  Research various problems that arise in local or municipal governments and recommend solutions or legal changes.

Social and Community Service Manager:  Operate various programs that provide public services to a specific area and lead the staff working in these organizations.

Housing Program Specialist- HUD:  Help administer the many federal programs, which aid homeowners, renters, and communities as a whole.

Housing Industry Policy Analyst:  Responsibilities include developing models of national, state and metropolitan area housing activity and reviewing policies that may affect the housing industry.