Associations Overview

Professional associations provide a platform for various industries and professions to work together to shape their future.  These associations can affect the political landscape and social awareness.  Common types of professional associations include trade association, professional societies, philanthropic organizations, and national state/local government organizations.   Useful skills include government relations, public relations, organizational management, event planning and research.

Typical Positions:

Government Relations: These positions typically involve lobbying government officials for an industry’s best interests and working to promote grass-roots advocacy.

Public Relations: PR personnel work to promote the public awareness and positive opinion for the industry.

Association Staff: These positions can serve a variety of tasks, including site inspections, booking speakers, marketing events, and maintaining internal networks.

Researcher: Associations may require employees with research abilities to collect and report industry information, benchmarking, self-regulation standards and certifications.

Event Planner/Organizer: Handles large events or summits for the association, often including a number of member companies or organizations.