Budget & Public Finance

Field Advisor: Professor Joe Cordes, Professor Lang Kate Yang

Courses in this field explore the theoretical and practical foundations of public budgeting. A concentration in this field will provide insight into the formulation and evaluation of public budgets, as well as the complex choices of economic reasoning in response to resource allocation. The courses in this field provide a background in budget policy and process, characteristics of public revenue and expenditure, and governmental accounting and financial reporting. This field is particularly suited for those who are, or envision becoming, budget analysts or financial management officers in public agencies at any level of government. With the permission of the field advisor, students may supplement these courses with courses in economics, accounting or other relevant disciplines.

Field Courses:

ACCY 6701  Government Accounting and Auditing
ECON 6218  Survery of Intermediate Macroeconomics
PPPA 6005  Public Budgeting, Revenue, and Expenditures*
PPPA 6014  Economics in Policy Analysis*
PPPA 6015  Benefit-Cost Analysis*
PPPA 6016  Public and Nonprofit Program Evaluation*
PPPA 6048  Financing State and Local Government
PPPA 6051  Governmental Budgeting
PPPA 6053  Financial Management in the Public Sector
PPPA 6054  Issues in Federal Budgeting
PPPA 6055  Contracting Out and Public-Private Partnerships
PPPA 6065  Federalism and Public Policy
PPPA 6076  Federal Regulation of Society

* Only permitted as a field course if not taken to satisfy a core requirement in the MPA or MPP degree.

MPA or MPP students with a field of study in Budget & Public Finance may also pursue the Certificate in Budget & Public Finance. Please see Kathy Newcomer or Joe Cordes for more details.