New Book: Regulation: A Primer

March 01, 2013

Professor Susan E. Dudley’s new book, Regulation: A Primer, co-authored with Jerry Brito, is an accessible guide to regulatory policy, process, theory and analysis and published by Mercatus Center.

New Book: State Tax Policy: A Political Perspective

March 01, 2013

In 2012, Professor David Brunori published the third edition of his book, State Tax Policy: A Political Perspective.

Alumnus Publishes Book: Crisis, Disaster, and Risk: Institutional Response and Emergence

March 01, 2013

Kyle Farmbry recently published Crisis, Disaster, and Risk: Institutional Response and Emergence.

Rachel Krefetz Fyall Joins Faculty at University of Washington

March 01, 2013

Alumni News: Rachel Krefetz Fyall, MPA ’06, recently accepted a teaching position in Public Administration at the University of Washington.

Faculty Member Scott Pace Testifies Before House Committee on Science, Space, & Technology

January 01, 2013

Scott Pace, George Washington University’s Space Policy Institute Director and affiliated faculty with the Trachtenberg School, testified before the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in December 2012.

Faculty Emeritus Jed Kee Visits Egypt with Family, Speaks about Democracy

December 01, 2012

Professor Jed Kee traveled to Egypt in November 2012 for a family vacation.

Faculty Members Paula Lantz & Sara Rosenbaum Join Institute of Medicine

November 01, 2012

In October of 2012, the Institute of Medicine elected Trachtenberg affiliate faculty Paula Lantz and Sara Rosenbaum for membership in their distinguished organization.

Fall 2012 GW Students Ensure Homeless Doesn't Mean Voteless

October 01, 2012

In an election season that's been noted for the initiatives to restrict voter registration, George Washington University students sought opportunities to educate and enfranchise an often overlooked group. Homeless individuals vote at the lowest rate in the country. Many people don't realize that homeless individuals can register to vote using the address of a shelter, park or street corner as their residence.

Trachtenberg Professor Jasmine McGinnis Included in Stanford Social Innovation Review

February 13, 2012

On February 12, The Stanford Social Innovation Review published a blog post entitled "The State of Diversity" by Dr. Jasmine McGinnis-Johnson.