Application Materials Questions

To what address should I mail my application materials?
The application can be completed online via the online application system. If you have application materials that are too large for uploading, please send them via email to [email protected] or via postal mail to the CCAS Admissions office:

Graduate Admissions Office
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences
801 22nd Street, NW, Suite 107
Washington, DC 20052

How do I check the status of my application materials and/or admissions decision?
You may check your status by logging into your online account. Please note that the days surrounding application deadlines are extremely busy and there may be a delay between when your materials arrive at the Columbian College office and when their receipt is reflected online. If you have a question about specific materials, you may contact the College at 202.994.6210 or via email, [email protected]. E-mail inquiries are preferred. When inquiring, please include your full name and the program to which you are applying.

GRE and GPA Questions

I'm applying to your PhD degree. Do I need to submit GRE scores?
Most likely. Applicants who already hold a master's degree must still submit GRE scores, unless they earned a PhD, JD or MD degree. Applicants who hold a PhD, JD or MD are waived from the GRE requirement.

I am applying to be an MPA, MPP, combined degree or certificate program student. Do I need to submit GRE scores?
Submitting GRE scores is optional and not required for applicants to the MPA, MPP, combined degree or certificate programs.

I have taken the GRE and I think my scores will strengthen my application.  How do I submit them?

There is currently no space on the application to input your GRE scores. However, you can have them sent to GWU and they will be added to your file (Code 5246). If you are concerned about delays in score sending, you may note your scores on your resume as well.

I took the LSAT. May I submit those scores instead?

We don't typically consider LSAT scores.

My GPA isn’t as high as I would like and I would like to explain my circumstances to the committee. Where do I do that?

You may submit a separate statement explaining special circumstances that may have impacted your GPA with your application.  We do not recommend making this the focus of your personal statement.

How much weight is given to GPA in the application review?

GPA is a strong predictor of academic success in our program, but we do consider all aspects of your application and do not assign any specific weights to any component.  We take a holistic view of each applicant, considering a wide range of factors including work experience, letters of recommendation, and your commitment to public service.

Letters of Recommendations Questions

Who should I ask to write my letter(s) of recommendation?

Academic references are preferred over professional ones. If you have been in the workforce for some time, recommendations from supervisors are acceptable as well. Letters from colleagues or other individuals who have not played an evaluative role are not acceptable.

How should the letter(s) be submitted?
Letters of recommendation can be submitted via your online application account, by email to [email protected], or by mail, to:

Graduate Admissions Office
Columbian College of Arts & Sciences
801 22nd Street, NW, Suite 107
Washington, DC 20052

Can the letter(s) be submitted online after I submit my application?
Yes. Please ensure your letter(s) of recommendation are submitted in a timely manner (by the fourth day following the application deadline).

May I submit additional letters of recommendation?